Fit for English

Advanced level English

Fit for English consists of innovative private lessons and advanced level English lessons for students of all levels – from primary to secondary school. We also provide targeted preparatory courses for primary school children and help prepare your child for secondary school. It is very important
to us that your child has fun while learning!

We achieve this with our custom-designed teaching method. Grammar is very clearly explained and reinforced with various exercises and games. Oral communication in English is another important element of our courses. Our specially-trained teachers give lessons in small groups or in one-to-one sessions.


The school curriculum includes numerous grammatical elements. We cover these topics in our lessons and reinforce them. If a student does not understand the basics of grammar, they will not be able to follow the increasingly complicated lessons without encountering major problems. Gaps in knowledge will increase over the next few years and grades will suffer as a consequence. It is important to practice not only the topics which are being covered in school but also focus on filling in any gaps in basic grammar.

Mortimer students have found that learning grammar can be fun with our excellent teaching materials. We focus on fun and learning grammar through games, puzzles and exciting topics, as opposed to boring memorisation tasks.


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