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A different kind of history lesson

Morty is truly lucky, he can travel into the past and the future and experience things firsthand – he learns a lot more than he would by only reading about it in a history book! His last travel lead him to the year 1625, right back into the time of the musketeers at the royal court of King Louis XIII. Morty and his friends have brought you back some funny colour-in pictures and riddles from the trip. You can download our free special “Morty’s World” here and print it. Simply click on the image or the link. 

Morty's World – Riddles and colour-in pictures about the musketeers
PDF-file, 2 pages (ca. 4,5 MB)

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The musketeers – soldiers and bodyguards

Our modern conception of the musketeers is based mostly on the novel “The Three Musketeers”, written by the French author Alexandre Dumas. Many movies have been made about the adventures of Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan, and they are firmly established in modern popular culture. Fact is, though, that the name “musketeer” means no more than a soldier whose weapon is a musket. These early guns were used in Europe from the end of the 16th century on. Initially they were very heavy-weight and
impractical to use. A musket could weigh 15 kilograms, about
the weight of a full suitcase or a heavy rucksack.