Loyalty is rewarded at Mortimer –Mortimer English Club student for the past 12 years!

The fact that you can learn English successfully with Mortimer English Club is proven by some of our students, who have been attending the Mortimer lessons since elementary school. In 2001 they started with „English for Children” and passed their A-level exams this year.

Eric, Anna, Lea, Sabrina and Paul had no problems with the subject English at all at school, since all of them have been well prepared by the early-childhood English classes of Mortimer English Club. Read the statements, which the students gave us about their experiences with Mortimer English Club:

Eric: I have been with Mortimer for 12 years now. They accompanied me successfully from school enrolment until my A-levels, which means throughout my entire school years. Mortimer was a huge help for me, in order to being able to participate the English lessons actively. I therefore would like to thank my Mortimer teacher sincerely. 

Anna: My name is Anna Rode, I am 17 years old and I have been visiting Mortimer English Club since I was 5 years old. I find it very easy to learn English in the small groups you find at Mortimer. That was and is always very helpful! 

Sabrina: So, I always liked it a lot, I learned a lot, it was diversified and also lots of fun. Also our teacher was great. If sometimes you didn’t understand something right away, she always took a lot of time to explain everything very thoroughly.

Paul: I have been visiting Mortimer English Club for over 10 years now. Thanks to the additional training, I was able to improve my English a lot. Now, I find it a lot easier to sum up texts and use the right grammar. The lessons have always been a lot of fun because it has always been much diversified and you’ve always learned something new. 

As those comments show – Mortimer has got the right course for every age with lots of diversified teaching material.

We are proud, that our students stayed with us for so long and therefore gave everyone of the five a cinema voucher for two. We hope, that Eric, Anna, Lea, Sabrina and Paul will continue being successful students of Mortimer English Club for many years!