Our philosophy

Every child is a linguistic genius

The speed and ease with which children absorb, store and experiment with words in their early years is breathtaking. Young children are true linguistic geniuses as they are able to pick up any language or dialect. Studies have shown that the first six years of a child’s life is the best time to learn a foreign language as easily and perfectly as your own mother tongue. Therefore, leading linguists recommend that children begin learning another language – alongside their mother tongue – as early as possible.

The younger a child is when learning a second language, the easier it is for them to master this task.


During the early acquisition of a foreign language, children subconsciously develop an understanding of the grammar and syntax of different languages. They acquire the ability to learn another language with ease. This gives them a remarkable advantage over children growing up in a monolingual environment. 

Learning with Mortimer is great fun and contributes to building self-esteem for the young students. It establishes an ideal basis for the complex learning in secondary schools. Mortimer teaches via the mother tongue method: informally and with all the senses – through games, songs, movement, drawing and most of all, with fun. The priority is put on understanding and free speaking, not just grammar and cramming vocabulary.

Adults learn much better with fun and games

With our multilevel concept "English for You", we prove that learning a foreign language in adulthood can be also a lot of fun. The students acquire the English language with ease, informally and without pressure to perform. From the beginning, the focus is on speaking freely. We offer courses to senior citizens where the language is taught at a slower pace. Our experience learning with these elder students has been quite positive.